In all cities that the campus of “Istak” is located exist dormitory. This enables pupils who stay around the cities of Baku, Shirvan, Quba, Lankaran, Aghdash, Mingachavir and Ganja, to arrive and stay in the campuses of the lyceum and study in extra-curriclular programs conveniently.

The day starts in the lyceum dormitories at 07:00 in the morning. Pupils start the day with high spirit doing sport, and they get the necessary energy for the lesson by having delicious breakfast. A daily program is arranged in such a way that it keeps pupils fit and pupils get high spirit after the lunch and supper.

After lessons, pupils spend their leisure activities in clubs, circles, and sports rooms efficiently, and then as soon as resting hours finish, they start studying with the guidance of assistant teachers.

Light, neat and wide dormitory rooms, provides all comfort that our pupils can wish to see while studying.