All campuses of ISTAK lyceum are provided with rich library facilities. Libraries of Baku, (Ganjlik, Narimanov, Khalqlar Dostlughu, Ahmadli), Sumqayit, Quba, Shirvan, Lankaran, Aghdash, Mingachavir and Ganja reminds us of the rich treasure of itself in essence. Along with its richness with books, lyceum also pays more attention to its availability and its usage by pupils regularly. Books which exist in our wide, neat and light library are divided into two categories: literary books and textbooks in accordance with their content.


They are the textbooks which have been confirmed by Azerbaijan Education Ministry and which were published by Cambridge and Oxford Universities. Books are positioned in the library according to their contexts in the shelves. Books are delivered to the pupils by teachers who teach those subjects. Teachers borrow the books from the library in accordance with the number of the pupils in the classroom and then they deliver them to pupils.

Literary books

Literary books that exist in the library are the books that were published in Azerbaijani and foreign languages.

Literary books that were published in the Azerbaijani language were set according to their contexts in the library.

For example, Books that belong to folklore, different periods of the literature, poetic books, works belonging to world literature, as well as works of the classics are set in special shelves in the library.

Books which are in foreign languages are the literary books that were published by Cambridge and Oxford universities.  In other shelves, books that are set in accordance with their contexts, we can come across the works that belong to World literature and the works of classics.

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