Electronic System for the School (EMS) – It is basically a special program provision prepared by “Istak” lyceum IKT section which provides parents to observe their children and as well as their success whenever they desire.

EMS is an electronic journal program which answers governmental and international standards and the present statistical information and as well as it can be used through computers and mobile telephones. EMS makes it possible to enter all necessary information of pupils, including their marks and notes and provide teachers and parents with getting all necessary information through the online system.

Through this program, parents can get all necessary information without going to school, and they can observe the attendance, exam results and daily lesson results online over the internet.

Highly valued EMS system which is frequently used by parents is accessed through the website address www.ems.istek.az .

Some installed applications which are supported by mobile devices, the programs like iOS and Android and as well as the App Store and Play have been added to the program market to enable pupils and parents to use it.