Education process in ISTAK lyceum is applied on the basis of national and international curricular integration.

International programs applied in the lyceum is based on the best World practice.

IB (International Baccalaureate)

ISTAK lyceum, which is regarded as the national education brand of Azerbaijan achieved the status of “IB World School”.  By application of this program, pupils of the lyceum will get the higher quality of education answering international standards, and their academic implications will be recognized worldwide. This program brings about a number of advantages to the school pupils.

Considering that IB program makes the use of foreign language the first move, pupils learn the English language more deeply. Besides, IP program is research oriented and the curriculum and the educational methodology of the program is based on the best educational experience in the world.

Application of this program is led only by teachers who have had international experience and certificates. Academic implications of pupils are assessed according to international standards and are recognized worldwide. Education of this program is applied through the textbooks prepared only abroad.

This program is regarded an optimal way in the international arena for getting admitted to foreign universities without any examination. This program enables students to assimilate what is taught together with national values, humanistic values and enables students to be raised with a sound mind. As well as it opens up ways for students to learn how to work together as a team, how to have leadership and management skills, and disclose their skills and values.

Cambridge international school

ISTAK lyceum, which is Azerbaijan’s national education brand got “Cambridge school” status. “Cambridge school” status will enable their pupils to get international certificates by acquiring the school subjects according to “Cambridge school” standards.

As a result, their certificates which are relevant to those standards will be recognized in 160 countries in the world, especially including the countries like USA, Canada, Russia, France, England, and Turkey.

“Cambridge school” status is given only by “Cambridge University” to schools which answer international standards. “Cambridge schools” with 4 stages, “Cambridge Primary”, “Cambridge Secondary 1”, “Cambridge Secondary 2”, “Cambridge Advanced” provide elementary, intermediate and advanced level pupils with the preparation in an international level and certification.

Cambridge English Language Authorized Centre

It is a test center which provides our pupils with the opportunity to take exam and gain international certificate appropriate to the standards of Cambridge University.

Considering that the school bears the title of  “Cambridge English Language Assessment Authorized Centre”,  it enables all pupils from Istak schools involved language exams and test their English language level. These exams give students special privileges in university admission abroad.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Advanced Placement provides great opportunities while applying to foreign universities.
By means of this program, 10-11 grade students take university first and second year subjects during their educational course. Once students accomplished the required subjects, they apply for universities all over the world. if the results of AP subject tests are satisfactory, students will be exempt from the related subjects in their first and second year of university education.


Authorized SAT Test Center

Scholastic Assessment Test is considered as an  international assessment examination. SAT assesses how students are prepared for university education. As SAT is required mainly for admission to USA and Canada universities, it evaluates students’ grammar, text analysis,  and mathematics knowledge. Currently, some of the popular universities in Azerbaijan admit university candidates by their SAT results.International Campus of ISTAK Lyceum is an authorized SAT center,which has an unparalleled experience in this field. Justifiably, without leaving their own school campus, students take a great chance of taking their official SAT exam. Last but not least, students are provided with SAT courses under monitoring of highly experienced SAT instructors.