About Medical Service

The intellectual capacity of pupils is closely related to their health condition. ISTAK lyceum administers regular medical checkups in order to hinder any disease in advance that can occur in the future in the lyceum and try to relentlessly keep pupils fit.

Medical service of the lyceum in accordance with the requirement of the Law of Azerbaijani Republic on “Education” and the requirements of the lyceum regulations takes care of pupils relentlessly with implementing nurse-hygiene services.

About submitted service

Medical service in the lyceum is organized according to the below-given stages:

  • Providingpupils with medical service both during the lessonprocess and individually in the dormitory of the Lyceum:
  • Safety of food in the restaurant of thelyceumand the canteen, and provision of individuals and the whole school with medical nurse-hygiene services:
  • Nurse-hygiene services in the medical rooms of the lyceum and the dormitory.

Additionally, academic staff of the lyceum administers health awareness programs among the pupils and as well as with parents in order to instruct them regarding constant concerns or diseases that may occur in the future and seek ways how to stop them in advance.