“Istak” lyceum are closely interested in pupils’ future career, as well as their life and professional work after they finish lyceum, and give a very big importance to the continuation of their relationship with the lyceum as soon as they graduate.

Our lyceum, which with its unique education and way of teaching style and traditions never forgets its graduates and as well as parents of pupils, and always bears importance in cooperation with them closely.

Social activities

Every year the vast majority of our graduates get admitted to the leading educational institutions both in our Republic and the world with a high score.

Our graduates never forget their lyceum even after they graduate it, and they continue using the knowledge, skills, and values which they have earned in the lyceum in their life.


They regularly visit our lyceum and as well as their teachers, meet their former classmates in the programs of the lyceum which are organized by the lyceum administration. Special programs like sports competitions and other activities which are organized for the graduates become a reason for improving and strengthening the ties among them.

Parents of our graduates

Although hundreds of pupils leave our lyceum after they get admitted to the universities, goodwill relationships among our teachers and relatives of our graduates still go on and get strengthened. Individual approach to the pupil and the increasing role of parents in pupils’ success, are evaluated by parents highly and cherished as well. Accordingly, parents of our graduates take active part in meetings in the company of them willingly, and as well as family visits, and other programs organized by our lyceum.