Elementary grades (I-VI forms) are available on “Istak” lyceum’s campuses in Ahmedli, Ganjlik, Ganja and Sumgayit. I-VI forms study on Ahmedli campus, I form on Ganjlik and Ganja campuses, V-VI forms study on Sumgayit campus.

In “Istak” lyceum curriculum for elementary grades incorporates the following features:

Education program for elementary grades is implemented within the application of the national curriculum on the basis of the state education standards. As a rule, each of elementary forms consists of 20 pupils including female and male pupils.Pupils find their school subjects more interesting through the organized lesson weeks, knowledge competitions and exhibitions, and thus,enthusiasm for subjects occurs in them.

 Lesson hours: 09:00 – 15:50

 Section: Azerbaijani and English

Academic traditions that were formed on the basis experience of the lyceum, open up the opportunity for putting individual approach into practice. Individual approach to students increases their uptake and provides the maximum use of their potential.

Within the frames of the lyceum’s concept of social activity, pupils can develop their creative potential through various social programs, adopt participation skills in public life and also acquire features of adequate behavior in a different situation. Significant days celebrated in the lyceum, class parties, theatrical performances, illuminating tours organized to visit the country’s new infrastructure facilities, historical monuments, and other leading companies, and other numerous activities to broaden pupils’ outlook and create conditions for their professional development.

“Istak” lyceum begins teaching foreign languages in elementary grades. A variety of extracurricular activities is also conducted in English on the campus where teaching English is especially important.

“Istak”lyceum attaches a great importance to increasing parents’ role in pupils’ success. Training programs organized for parents, family visits, and other measures help to develop a family-school relationship, expand a parent’s involvement in a pupil’s life, thus increase the ability of a pupil’s learning.

Our pupils’ nutrition provided 3 times per day in accordance with “Halal” (traditional) standards and as well as a pupil’s daily nutrition norms. Delicious food prepared by our professional cooks stimulates our pupils to study with high energy.Both national and modern cuisines, as well as pupils’ wishes, are taken into consideration during the menu preparation. In general, nutritional customs of “Istak” lyceum are instructed to pupils as practical skills.

Pupils’ learning ability is closely connected with their state of health. Implementing pupils’ constant medical examination our lyceum provides to be vigorous and tries to prevent diseases in advance that may occur in future. Our professional doctors possess the required knowledge and skills to solve similar problems that may occur in pupils’ health.

Parents who live far away from Ahmadli “Istak” lyceum can entrust their children’s transportation to school by an independent transport company on the basis of the agreement.

Admission to I-VI forms is performed on the basis of an interview and a competition. Admission to the 1st form is conducted on the basis of an interview, but the admission to II-VI forms is conducted on the basis of a competition. Pupils need to be registered for taking part in an interview and a competition. A Tuition fee is reported after the interview or the competition is over.You can become familiar with the admission terms to I-VI forms through the following link

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International university winning result - 68%
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