About Quality Policy

ISTAK lyceum plans to achieve its goals and objectives based on high quality of education and management principles. According to TSE EN 9000:2008 Quality Management System of our lyceum was rewarded with an international management certificate for its services.

Regulations of Quality Policy

Quality policy of ISTAK lyceum is based on the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Azerbaijan Republic’s law on “Education”, and as well as based on the requirements of other legislative acts and the principles of International Quality Management System aims the followings:


        implement the state training standards of the Azerbaijan Republic and international training programs;

        continually develop the quality of service;

        following the dynamics of a pupil’s development and improve pupils’ personal qualities;

        taking parents and pupils satisfaction in the first step;

        mastering modern knowledge and skills;

        ability to express ideas in different languages independently;

        using modern technologies skillfully;

        possessing the quality of representing Azerbaijan and the ideology of being Azerbaijani decently, including national, universal, as well as high individual, social, family and public values: