Pupils can get a secondary education (VII-IX) on “Istak” lyceum’s campuses situated in Baku ( Ganjlik, Narimanov and Khalqlar Dostlughu), Sumgayit, Guba, Shirvan, Lankaran, Aghdash. Mingachevir and Ganja. The curriculum for secondary education in “Istak” lyceum incorporates the following peculiarities:

Curriculum for secondary education is implemented through the application of the national curriculum on the basis of state education standards. Each of our classes consists of 20 pupils, especially it includes male pupils (There are also female pupils in Ganjlik “Istak” lyceum). Pupils find their lessons more interesting through organized lesson weeks, knowledge competitions and exhibitions, and it leads to the formation of enthusiasm for their subjects.

Lesson hours: 08:30 – 15:50

Section: Azerbaijani and Russian

“Istak” lyceum increase pupils’ interest in lessons and their ability of acquisition enables their participation in competitions. Pupils of our lyceum take part in all Republican school subject Olympiads  and represent our country in worldwide international school subject and project competitions held in USA, Russia, Turkey, England, France, Singapore and other countries. So far our pupils have won 84 medals in Republican competitions, and as well as 79 medals in international competitions. Besides, our pupils take part in a number of various local and international sports competitions. Sports games which are traditionally held by “Istak” lyceum support pupils’ physical development.

Within the frames of the lyceum’s concept of social activity pupils can enhance their creative potential through various social programs, adopt participation skills in public life and also acquire peculiarities of adequate behavior in a different situation. Significant days are celebrated in the lyceum, and as well as class parties, theatrical performances, illuminating tours are organized to visit the country’s new infrastructure facilities, historical monuments, and other leading companies, and other numerous activities enable to broaden  pupils’ outlook and create conditions for their professional development.

As an accepted rule, a teaching of positive sciences in the English language begins in VII form in “Istak” lyceum.Having the status of “Cambridge school” allows to benefit from the programs of “Cambridge” University during education process, and provide pupils’ preparation for an international level and as well as their certification.Textbooks of “Oxford” and “Cambridge” Universities are intensively used in an education process. Our pupils take exams through international programs, and consequently, they get the opportunity to gain a certificate recognized all over the world.

“Istak” lyceum attaches a great importance to increasing parents’ role in pupils’ success. Training programs organized for parents, family visits and other measures help to develop a family-school relationship, expand a parent’s involvement in pupils’ life, thus increase the ability of pupils’ learning.

“Istak” lyceum supports its teaching process by means of modern equipment and technology. By means of smart boards used in all campuses gives our teachers an opportunity to teach with more interactive methods in a teaching process. Pupils learn better when lessons are taught in an interesting way. Our lyceum applies one-way Electronic School System which allows our parents to follow their children’s education process with the help of computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

“Istak” lyceum has dormitories on all campuses of the lyceum located in the cities. This allows pupils who live in countrysides of Baku, Sumgayit, Shirvan, Guba, Lankaran, Agdash, Mingachevir and Ganja to stay comfortably in the lyceum located in these cities and participate in extra-curriclular programs. Light, neat and wide dormitory rooms provide pupils comfort to study well.

There are dormitories, canteens, medical and psychological support services in “Istak” lyceums. Canteens of our lyceum  provide pupils with high energy delicious meals according to “Halal” (traditional) standards prepared by local and foreign cooks 2-3 times a day. Pupils’ medical examination is constantly organized in our lyceum and it ensures their health and allows to prevent diseases that may occur in future.

Admission to VII – IX forms is performed on the basis of an exam. Pupils need to be registered in order to participate in an exam. A Tuition fee is reported to parents immediately after the exam is over. You can become familiar with the admission terms about VII-IX forms in the following link.

Education Quality
  • Elementary education
  • Secondary school education
  • Secondary education
National university winning result - 99%
International university winning result - 68%
Republican Olympiad - 84 medal
International Olympiad - 79 medal
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