ISTAK lyceum creates an environment for pupils for their intellectual and physical development as well. Accordingly, the corridor of the lyceum and as well as the yard of lyceum campuses are provided with both small and large sports grounds. Such sports grounds enable pupils to spend their time efficiently with small exercises for the duration of the lesson intervals and do sport curiously during the sports lessons.

There are grounds for football, volleyball, basketball, fitness devices, table tennis, wrestling, judo, taekwondo and as well as chess and draught tables on the campuses of the Lyceum.

After the lessons finish, sports circles are made between 16:00-18:00. Sports circles are led by professional trainers. Along with indoor sports tournaments in the lyceum, outdoor sports tournaments also are organized between lyceums throughout the regions of the Republic at the end of the educational year.

Pupils, who take higher places in the wrestling and football tournaments, get right to take part in international competitions.

In order to strongly motivate pupils to be involved in a sport, lyceum administration invites popular sportsmen to the lyceum and holds talks with pupils of the lyceum.