Description of university admission preparation programs: University admission preparation programs implemented at our lyceum allow pupils to get admitted to higher educational institutions with high scores.One of the reasons of our achievements in admission to higher educational institutions is education traditions based on more than 20 years of professional pedagogical experience, the work of teaching staff that is experienced, demanding, at the same time caring and able to establish comprehensive attitude with pupils.Our university admission preparation programs open up ways for our pupils to gain the status of university students with high scores due to its correct choice of a major, special syllabus, trial exams, extra lessons, and motivation.

A correct choice of a major: At the end of IX form, instructive seminars are delivered to our pupils regarding higher institutions and preparation process and psychological diagnosis are conducted for determining their appropriate major. After analyzing diagnostic tests and pupils’ achievements in subjects “parent-pupil-lyceum” is discussed and a final decision is made on the selection of the profile of the profession.


Education program: In X and XI forms our pupils who want to continue their higher education in Azerbaijan are grouped in classes according to major groups of the State Examination Center (SEC) of the Republic of Azerbaijan and teaching is carried on the basis of the annual plan prepared in accordance with the program adopted by SEC.Lessons are taught in accordance with major groups and sections respectively, in the Azerbaijani and Russian languages. Using the advantages of “smart boards” intensively in the classrooms, exam questions related to their topics from previous years’ trial and admission examinations, as well as other materials are taught to pupils. Some non-specialized subjects in the curriculum which are considered outside their main major are also given special importance at the lyceum because it leads to comprehensive learning of topics. In the X form, our pupils are provided with books for university admission preparation for free of charge.

Trial exams: According to a monthly program trial examinations organized by our training courses, they are conducted among the pupils of our lyceum at the end of each month. In general, our pupils’ knowledge is checked through a trial examination held every month during preparation in X and XI forms and the results are evaluated and analyzed.

Extra lessons: Extra lessons are taught after classes and on the weekends, if it’s necessary. After the academic year finishes, a teaching process of our XI form pupils continues within the “summer school” until the university admission exams start.

Motivation: Our pupils are regularly informed about innovations and changes in SEC seminars. Familiarization trips to universities and meetings with university representatives, graduates and students are held.

Our pupils who achieved high scores throughout the Republic in SEC examinations are rewarded with various prizes by our lyceum.